Top Secret Features of VLC Media Player You must Try

VLC Media Player for PC is an excellent media player capable to play all the popular audio and video formats. It opens as “broken” and underutilized files. There is a function of playing streaming video.S

VLC player is the player to view movie clips, online video, as well as for listening to music. It opens even the most demanding formats, since it includes a package of modern codecs.
It can play as underutilized files or those with errors. In addition, if you want to see the video streaming from the internet, a football match on a TV tuner or recording surveillance cameras, then you definitely should download the VLC Media Player for windows.

vlc media player

It is interesting that with all these functionalities this software has a simple, one might say minimalist interface. Working with him is nice and comfortable. Volume, brightness, subtitles management are extremely friendly and will appeal to anyone. It is noteworthy that this player can sound louder than the others. Therefore, we would suggest you to use VLC player only while deciding to watch a movie and we assure you that you won’t ever face dialogues whispering or very loud voice through this product.

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Here, you must know the top hidden features of the VLC Media player.

  • Basic Image Adjustment : In this tab, you can do various color adjustments; Hue, Contrast, Brightness, Gamma, etc.
  • Extravagant Video Effects : It includes several amazing effects such as Image adjustment, Video cropping, Transformation, Video rotation, Geometrical view & magnification, Color fun, and Image modification.
  • Video Sharpness effect : This is another specific feature exist in it and you can work on sharpness accordingly.
  • Transforming to different angles : It offers you rotation in different angles i.e 90,180, and 270 degrees.
  • Video magnification/Zoom in & out : This feature lets user video magnification. One can zoom in & out the part of video.
  • Panoramic view (Optimal for Muti-Screen) : Through Adjustment and Effects, you can try panoramic view also, you just need to insert numbers in wall columns.
  • Adding Logo : Adding logo is an amazing feature through this you can insert your logo in the video.
  • Videos Rotation Feature through that you can rotate videos in any direction.
  • The player runs any kind of broken and error files.
  • Support for all popular file formats – from MPEG to VOB, FLV, RM.
  • Adding the subtitles is the most popular feature of it.

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Advantages of VLC Media Player:

# Quick Launch;
#Easy navigation and zooming;
# You can download the free VLC player.

At what should work:
Not support such formats as .TS and MIDI;
No media library.


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