Top 5 Fashion And Beauty Apps


Sometimes finding a good app can be quite a challenge! So, this article will break down your hours of search and show you the best apps in 5 different fashion & beauty categories on the Android Play Store.

If you haven’t been satisfied by the apps you found, this list is just for you!

1. Makeup

Lakmé Makeup Pro by Hindustan Unilever Limited stepped up the standard of a makeup mobile application. What this app can do is fascinating! You can try all the latest looks virtually, from prepping your skin to applying makeup; eyes hadows to lipsticks, this app allows you to check how each product looks on you. It’s a unique experience brought to you by lakmé where you can also try all the signature Pro-stylist looks. You can try the products by experiencing real time freed from your front camera, taking a picture or uploading a photo. Then, experiment with your favorite products from the huge database within the application itself.

No more worries of how the product will look on you! Use the app to compare and choose what you feel looks best.

The best part about this app is that, after you compare and choose what you like, you can buy the products from the app itself.

Lakmé revolutionized the possibilities of virtual makeup experimenting.


2. Hairstyles

Hair Style by Step by Prawpun Suengpim is a very elegantly organized app for hair styles with ten categories for you to pick the style of your choice from. The smooth interface with rich content makes the experience enjoyable and satisfying. Compared to the other apps catering to hair styles, Hair Style by Step has every style that you would want to try and also makes it easy to find something to match your every outfit. Step by step procedures for every hairstyle with high-quality images gives you no reason to expect anything better. Share the styles with your friends or save it on your phone for easy access, this app understands you.

Are you having a hard time finding a good hairstyle app on the store?

Give this app a shot to find more that what you expect.


3. Nail Art

Nail Art For All by Stylecraze is the only social community for nail artists in the Android market, stepping ahead of the rest in its line of competition. This app has over 6000 nail art images and DIY’s aptly placed under ten different categories. The platform created on this app enables all the users to follow their favorite artists, like, comment, share interesting designs and also upload their own nail art from their gallery or by taking a photo. The beautiful interface with material design makes your experience enjoyable and exciting.

Nail art for all is the perfect app for every nail art lover, catering to beginners and experts alike. Now, you can catch up with the fast paced nail art trend with ease!

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4. Dressing

My Dressing – Fashion closet by Alexandre THOMAS is one of the most innovative and exciting apps to use. This app enables you to create a closet of your own by adding cropped photos of all your clothes to the app. You can then compare and choose your clothes from different categories and create the most beautiful outfits. Another interesting and fun feature is that you can create collections for various purposes like parties, weddings, work, for home or casual. Personalize everything, from clothes to your closet. This app will get you over all the time wasted in wearing multiple outfit combinations and contemplating on what looks best.

Create combinations and save the outfits to save hours and days of confusion; this closet is all you could ever want.


5. Tattoos For All

Tattoos For All is another app by Stylecraze that took over the competition in the category of tattoos in Android Market. This app has over 8000 tattoo images under 44 defined categories. If you are looking to get a tattoo, you need to make sure you shape your idea and have sufficient exposure to what can be done. Because, you need to ink your story in the most effective way! Tattoos For All enables you to follow your favorite artists, share, like and comment on their tattoos. Just like the nail art app, all users can share their own tattoos images with the community and enjoy the material design.

See thousands of tattoos, their meanings and shape your perfect tattoo idea. Because, you need to live with it forever!

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