Top 5 Essential Softwares (Applications) : You must Download for your PC

If you find your PC empty and searching for some fruitful apps on the Google, then this is the right place where you would get full satisfaction through this awesome post. We found a lot of apps on the internet but sharing best 5 apps only here.

File Shredder

Even if you’re not obsessed, from time to time you want to completely remove a specific file or overwrite the disk, before releasing it.

File Shredder helps you to do this. It destroys files, folders, free space, whole disks, using any of several algorithms grinding.

Tip: when will be taken to the download page, do not click the icon “Download” button-it will lead to the Boot Manager Zip Manager,and it’s not what you want. Instead, click on the link in the text”Download File Shredder”.


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VLC Media Player

Another example of the software open source is VLC Media Player that plays simply everything includingYouTube Flash FLV files. The player contains no load in the form of additional software, no headaches. It supports all the necessary formats and works nicely like MX player for PC.

Unlike other media players, VLC  is simple,has a Spartan control, built-in codecs for almost any type of files that you can imagine, and a large online community support. VLC plays streaming video from the network,writes the playback content, convert file types, and even supports screenshots of individual frames. Metro version is not recommended.

VLC tolerant to incomplete or damaged media files. It even starts playing before the download.

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

While the cost of cloud storage is rapidly approaching zero, most of us are still attached to the hard drives. If you think you have  10 different copies of a particular photo from your last birthday on your hard drive, well, probably so, Auslogics Duplicate File makes it relatively easy to find and select the duplicate files you want to delete.

Caution:While the installer Auslogic want to put a bunch of junk on your computer, all the options are reduced to the panel “Free search suggestions from Spigot”. Remove the birds from all the junk and get a very useful tool for finding duplicate.

Space Sniffer

Want to know what takes your hard drive space? Start Space Sniffer.

It does not require installation; it is a simple EXE-file does not contain malware. You will receive a patch work of files and folders.Click on the folder or file to get more detailed information.Double click on a folder to see all the components.

There’s even the ability to filter, so that you can look at all of your MP4 files or JPG.

Comodo BackUp

Windows 7 has a decent, but not perfect feature for backup and recovery. In Windows 8, that is virtually none.Yes, you can find the remains of backup Win7,the buried in Windows 8, but it is inconvenient.Microsoft wants you to use a new method of backup link everyone to One Drive.You will be Comodo BackUp.

Comodo offers 10 GB of free storage space in the cloud, and the rest of the money. But even if you select Backup the old-fashioned, locally, Comodo BackUp is free and works fine.

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