Adele Tickets To A Show Beyond Limits: Facts You Never Knew About The Real Experience

If you are purchasing tickets to any Adele show – you are not there for the music alone. You’ve come for the experience and here what you’ll get!

Adele Tickets To A Show Beyond Limits: What Do You Get For Your Cash?


Why are you purchasing tickets to an Adele show? Or any other concert, sports game, major cultural event or whatever – why? You can stay at home, relax on a cozy couch and watch everything online in HD on a massive Smart TV screen for free! Why do people really invest time, money and effort into live events? Why are there actual crowds lining around ticket booths or buying them at when Adele is in town?

Folk care about the experience more than anything else. Seeing your idol in person during a spectacular show while being surrounded with like-minded individuals is simply stunning. The atmosphere and an emotional charge are two biggest pay offs.

In simple words people don’t go to a concert to listen to music. People come to see Adele.

What’s so special about her?

Just think about how many people can brag about the following:

  • First and foremost yes – Adele is her real name. You are listening to songs from Adele Laurie Blue Adkins.
  • Adele underwent a throat surgery because of her terrible smoking habit. Luckily that terrible event has never damaged her precious voice.
  • Adele was stubborn enough not to quit smoking even after the surgery. The singer has only quit a year ago in 2015.
  • Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is a loyal fan. Gordon has even written a letter to her during Britain’s economic recession in hopes that her singing can keep up people’s spirit. Wow!
  • Twenty three weeks is the record for one of her albums – 21. It was in top of US charts for all that time.
  • She adored Spice Girls as a child.
  • She won 10 Grammy Awards. And 3 Guinness World Records!
  • She is in the Forbes list for highest pay rates among celebrities.
  • Her album names like 19 or 21 are the exact age she was when recording was finished.

That’s why we love her, and her songs and her shows. That’s why tickets are usually sold out weeks prior to the actual date of the concert.


Speaking of the devil

It is statistically proven that online purchase of tickets works for people better than any other mean of sales. A lot of merchants are competing in this domain. Competition has caused revolution and more aggressive, client-centric approaches to marketing have left shoppers with only the best merchants like the Ticket Crab.

People are actually offered with tons of premium services apart the ticket purchase itself. Most popular benefits include notifications about favorite shows, personalized client managers and impressive discounts. All in all, such an approach works better that a standoff near the gates in hopes of getting in when all tickets are entirely sold out.

Enjoy the show wisely – grab your chance in advance!

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