Seagate Seven – World’s Thinnest External Hard Drive

Thickness reduction is ruling everywhere in the technology, not only in the world of smartphones. Now a days laptops, televisions, candy bars and even hard drives are becoming thinner. For example, Seagate company can now be considered the record in this area

We don’t think that there is any need to give formal introduction about Seagate. The company has been making hard drives (internal & external) for computers and laptops for a long time along with others IT products. Following the modern technology, the company made thinnest hard drive – Seagate Seven

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New Seagate Seven HDD’s thickness is only 7 millimeters, and this is how you all know perfectly well eventhinner shell iPhone 6 one-tenth of a millimeter.

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The drive has a volume of 500 GB, USB connector and reliably protected against external influenceselegant stainless steel body. Its design is very nice and combination of style and minimalism.

The company will start selling this Seagate hard drive from the end of January 2015, that is, very soon. Its price will be only $ 100, and as a bonus the user can select any inscription to be applied to the surface of the Seven still in the process of its production. Also, each user will get a high quality braided cable withUSB-enabled USB 3.0.

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