Photoscape for PC What makes it best alternate of Photoshop

Photoscape is a clone of Photoshop, which has the same functionality and a set of tools.But, unlike the famous older brother,you can download Photoscape free.

Photoscape : An Amazing Editing Software

The potentials of this graphic editor enable you to edit photos and wallpapers. In particular, you can crop images, change the background, make two layers, apply various filters and retouching, as well as the use of a rather big sets of tools.

With their help, you can touch up or overwrite, display brightness, saturation, contrast, and apply the symbols printed on the image. Some additional options are creating screenshots, GIF-animations and slideshows. The programs is also able to perform conversion of files in RAW. You can download Photoscape free of cost. We consider this product in more detail here below.


To avoid confusion in all the features and quickly find the desired function, the developers have introduced sections on the control panel in Photoscape. Most bulk of them is “Editor” and “Batch Editor”. The first section is allowed to make changes in the size and shape of images, select them and outline the scope, and even change the colours and shades. There are tools also such as a filter, automatic contrast and level of neutralization “effect of red-eyed vampire.” Among other features, you can use such as “picture in picture”, insert a text fragment.

If you need to do more intricate operations, then you need to get into the “Batch Editor”. In this section, manipulation is available with several pictures. It can handle multiple photos, because there are recorded and stored imposed pictures or text fragments. These functions are available “filter”, “Contrast” etc.


To create animations and presentations, there are suitable tools from the” combination.” With their help, you can create a combination of several photos, adjust the desired size and shape, as well as set the duration break for a slideshow.

All the sections will be easy to understand because you will be able to download it free in your preferred language.

An important feature of the program is that it does not make any changes or additions to the interface of a web browser or a toolbar.  After editing the image, you can share through Instagram on PC quickly.

Why should download it?

Among other things, one more reason to download Photoscape is its capability to print directly from the program window. Moreover, prior to printing, you can set aside a certain portion of the image, which would be on paper or split image into parts, making a bit of a puzzle.

All the advanced features make it amazing editing app and perfect clone of Adobe Photoshop. It would be nice for the users, who don’t want to pay for editing software. We know that it cannot be said the alternate of Photoshop, but It’s having all the minimum required features. But if you are an expert and would like to do professional work, then I would suggest for Photoshop.

Final Words

I think you should try it at least once and I am sure you would not be disappointed. If you find this post quiet interesting and would like to inform your friends, then please share it with your friends on social media. You can leave your opinions in comment part and it would be appreciated.

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