Outlook PST Merge – Find Out It’s Worth

Outlook PST files are the most commonly troubled email files owing to Outlook’s excessive usage amongst users. More than any other issue, management is the main concern that troubles users the most. The issue with management of Outlook data files usually arise involving their size and thus leading the user to either cut it short or expand it. In this case, you will get to know about one of the applications meant for one of the two purposes, i.e. expanding the file size.

PST Merge is an application that combines multiple small sized PST files together to create an output in a Unicode type PST file. In this review, you will find out more proficiently about the application from all possible perspectives. The review will make clarifications on whether the tool is worth investing upon or not.

Integrated Feature Set

1. Combine Files: The tool offers combining Outlook Data files of all given sizes and types, i.e. both; ANSI and Unicode type PST are supported. Files of older version of Outlook as well as latest versions of Outlook can be combined together without the user surfacing any performance related issues.

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2Multiple Styles:Join, merge, or merge only the contacts – the choice is yours. With PST Merge, you get to choose between multiple options for merging the PST files in the form of the multiple ways provided to merge the data file.


3. Merge in Bulk:The application comes with no defined number of files for merging. One can merge as many files as wanted. You can choose multiple PST files either individually or all at once via folder selection. Folder selection offers the selection of multiple files regardless of the quantity.


4. Exclude Folder:Sent Items folder can be chosen for exclusion or inclusion from the merge process, i.e. one can choose whether to include the folder or not during merge. Sent items are usually a folder not required by the user especially when the account belongs to them because emails that are important, are held by the inbox.

5. Complete Report:Once the processing has finished, the software automatically generates a report of the same with information regarding source and destination file / path. The report may come handy in locating the output in future or for other information related purposes.

Additional Provisions

PST Merge is also available as a demo. The demo version is rendered for testing purposes to be carried out by users for understanding and examining the tool’s performance beforehand. The demo version does come with certain limitation, i.e. only the first two folders can be combined when using Join, 15 items from every folder when using Merge, and 15 contacts when using Merge Contacts only.

Besides that, the product is a combination of great features and a user-friendly interface along with operations.

Cons & Pros

The application features a great deal of options that ensure a convenient merging of PST files. Right from merging, bulk file processing, to reporting, the application has got it all that combines to make up a worthy tool.

However, the reporting feature is not much of use from user point of view. The generated report does not define much information of the entire process and the files according to the types of concerns an end user may have.

Conclusion: Besides a few disagreements, the application is fit to merge PST files in any number. The application is integrated with all the right features to offer a convenient, accurate, and complete merging process.

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