Making Best Out of Social Media Marketing

The process of increasing traffic on website and attention through social media sites is called social media marketing. There are five tips that could be used to get the best of social media marketing.

  • Social media websites helps users, both individuals and businesses, to interact with each other and built relationship and communicate with each other. Marketing through social media is more personalized as compared to outbound marketing and advertising. Almost 76% of business in today’s world uses social media marketing. The social media marketing websites acts like e-word of mouth and allows customers to repost the comments on products or services being marketed via social media marketing. As the product or service is talked more about by customers or business on social media, it attracts more traffic towards the business.
  • Social Media allows customers to express their needs, wants and values, and then connects the individuals with similar needs and wants to form a community. It enables consumers to   interact directly with business and thereby business gets chances to instill a feeling of personal loyalty with each customer. Business can also communicate the special features of their products and offerings via social media and help the potential customers to clear their doubts regarding the offerings.
  • Continuing, even Shri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister has also realized the importance of social media and launched Digital India Campaign. During various state elections and also during national elections he was found using social media in order to increase his reach amongst citizens of india. Various MNC’s are also utilizing social media to launch their product campaigns and thereby promote their products. Hindustan Uniliver launched “Be Beautiful” campaign to promote its cosmetic range of products has raised the bar of social media marketing to some other extent. Coca-Cola had an unofficial page created by its customer on Facebook which had almost 4 Million followers who discussed Coke on Facebook, the page later on was officially acquired by Coca-Cola.
  • Various Social Media Website like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube etc provides platform to business to advertise their products since these platforms have large number of monthly users; it creates a lot of buzz amongst users regarding product or service being marketed. Social media marketing uses social media, data from consumer’s online brand activities and e-word of mouth to advertise online. Social media website on other hand provides advertisers with the data regarding likes and dislikes of their product or service being advertised. Sometimes it also provides information to a business regarding which brands are trending, public likes or dislikes about competitor brands and also assists business to determine Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning about their product or service on a social media platform.
  • Electronic Recommendation through Search engine optimization and consumer to consumer interaction has brought on a new perspective to social media marketing wherein if a customer is looking for cheapest flight between two cities, he/she keeps on getting electronic recommendation as a pop up for days until he/she has not booked the tickets. The only limitation of social media marketing is that one cannot measure effect of social media marketing in terms of business to company but can measure the impact based on audience activities like shares, likes and retweets.


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