Google Brings Block and Unsubscribe Features to Gmail on Android & web

Google adds “Block Sender” and “Unsubscribe” features on Gmail account to help you clean up your inbox. The block function will work currently on web only and lets you to block people from sending spam mails. Through the service, you will never have to face unwanted e-mailers, spammers and the people you never love to receive any mail from. To block any person, open up an email from them and click on the drop down menu next to the reply arrow and select “Block Sender.”

Google also has clarified that blocking an email ID will send all the mails by the sender to the spam, but it’s quite different from the ‘Report Spam’ feature.

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There is another useful feature launched – “Unsubscribe”. Unsubscribe is very useful and time-saving feature for those who wish to stop receiving promotional emails. “Unsubscribe” is currently available on Gmail’s updated app only, so if you are thinking to use this feature on iOS or web, you are out of luck at this time. But, if you are using Android phone, then go to promotional email, click on ‘more’ option (signified by the three vertical dots) in the top right corner, and choose “Unsubscribe.”

So, now with the help of both these options, you can keep your inbox free from spam or unwanted emails.

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