Choice of POS Software! Five points at the time of selection

Currently, they are offered a wide variety of POS Software. Conventional on premise, cloud with growing recently, further among them, in the industry specialized these various services, five points for choosing a system that suits their di store you’re to introduce.

(1) To clarify the introduction purpose

Although it is important to choose a system that is suitable to their business, to do so, to clarify the introduction purpose, you need to organize whether to resolve any such problems. There tend to fail, but chose the system of multi-function, usability is poor assignment of functions in the field in most you do not use, those that become too much running cost.
So that there is no such thing, with respect to their business, what function is required, it will need consider. Also, it is the idea also chooses a business specialized type of system.


(2) Size and expansion of the company also considered

Of course, the base of a small number of stores and different system is to be introduced in the store with a nationwide base. For example, if companies that have taken the strategy to expand the number of stores, it will be a system that has the scalability necessary. Viewpoint change number of stores chooses a system with the flexibility to be able to cope with severe cases it is not that necessary.
On the other hand, if a small shop, number of stores is not only almost the same, because it is considered to perform only limited operations, it is possible to reduce the cost by selecting the system that do not have unnecessary features would.

(3) I think the system of operation and maintenance

Not only the system introduced, it is also important point to consider the operation and maintenance after the introduction. On whether or not there are staff who can operate the system in-house, also it has changed the system to choose.
By introducing a POS Software, new servers and network devices, along with the various devices and other POS hardware is introduced, the software will cause the need to monitor whether the moving stably.
Whether or not such to business resources devote to, you need to think whether the specifically corresponding how if salmon not. Therefore, the support system vendors and manufacturers, to confirm and detail conditions, must be considered a system making that does not stop work even if something had.

(4) Also take into account ease of use of the site

The face-to-face with customers in the field, to use the POS cash register is the day-to-day operations. Therefore, that staff literate POS cash register smoothly, is important, even when considering the customer satisfaction. When selecting a POS Software also, it is important to choose a system with an interface, such as people in the field can be easily operated without hesitation.
In recent years, because also we have many appeared POS cash register that was equipped with a specialized touch panel for each type of industry, also choose such a product idea. Also, if you actually can and demo use, ask actually touched many people or staff of the site, you may be selected while listening to his thoughts.

(5) Can you how to use it in line with management strategies and tactics

Making use of the POS System management decisions is one important purpose of the introduction. Therefore, whether the resulting information legible processed is easily performed to or, even things like how properly can be acquired at a necessary timing information required, is an important point when the system selection.
Here also, to clarify that “what information is required for management decisions”, you need to choose a system in which the information can be obtained accurately.


We picked up the “five points” of when choosing a retail POS Software. After the introduction before and introduction, and site business and supervisors and management, etc., from various points of view, it is considered to be a “How is our own, self-store as what make advantage is in whether and market competition can be more efficient if”, It is knack of good selection clearly have a purpose.

In addition to these five points, it should be emphasized of course “cost” also. Not only introduction cost and the system because it assumes to use several years, is recommended to consider the cost-effectiveness of a few years’ units.

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