Chidambaram Karti money laundering case

Karti  Chidambaram was arrested in Chennai airport by CBI Police today morning in the money laundering case.

Chidambaram used his influence to get approve the INX gain for the foreign investements. Some days ago CA S Bhaskarman was arrested in delhi.

Modi government decided to arrest Karti chidambaram.

INX Money Laundering Case ?

Karti involve in RS. 305 Crore in 2007 for foreign investement and the approval has given for 4.62 crore through FIPB.

Karti is the son of P Chidambaram finance minister and he allows to invest the money in foreign.

He recived 90 crore as consultancy charges from INX.

Case Was Filed Last Year:

He got the advantage  from strategic Consulting pvt ltd they were paid the money as consultancy charges.

Criminal conspiracy case and cheating case has filed on karti in may 2017.

CBI Raids have been carried the families of chidambaram and mukerjeas across there premises in the cities.

Karti was first arrested in the month of january by ED and he got a stay from ED’s Summons.

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