Tips on creating own slideshow in PowerPoint

Creating a PowerPoint slideshow is interesting activity that anyone is able performing. Pre-designed templates are available online at any point in time.

Importance of PowerPoint skills

At some point in our education or career we all have used PowerPoint to make presentations in front of the audience; therefore, we realize the importance of this MS tool to make a good impression while conveying ideas. It is so easy mastering this program by yourself with the help of video lessons available online, and later share information with listeners by means of bullet points and images along with videos on various slides.

This MS program is often used in schools, colleges, universities. Today, the main domain where this tool is invaluable is business. Surely we all participated in business meetings, negotiations, conferences, etc. and always someone had a PowerPoint presentation.


Creating one requires time and efforts and often happens we require assistance. Today it is possible saving precious time by purchasing ready to use PowerPoints template at Poweredtemplate that has great selection of appropriate for any purpose variants. Professional PowerPoint slideshow will keep the audience glued to the screen and carefully chosen images, quotes, tables and charts will capture the audience’s attention. With this, any business meeting will be tackled successfully.

How to create PowerPoint slideshow from the scratch?

Anyone may need making a presentation: teachers, students, managers, etc. and here are main recommendations on how to create own PowerPoint presentation:

  • 1. First of all, you should create a custom background that is extremely easy to do. Here how you can create your slide size: open file, them choose Page Setup. In this window you have to indicate desired height and width in inches or pixels.
  • 2. After completing this step, you can go on to template. We all know that there are many of them included in the, program and can be purchased online – if you wish to create impeccable and professional looking presentation. Still, if you have time and desire you can make a template by yourself: find the Themes tab, then choose Edit Master, and after Slide Master. Now you can create own template according to your likings and preferences. After you are done just click Close Master and created template will be applied to the current and future slides.
  • 3. The next step is working with your content. Choose the type of alignment, left or right one is more preferable as centered one is harder to read and comprehend. Make sure all the headings have the same style and font – choose the one that is easy to read – Calibri, Arial or Times New Roman. Make you titles to stand out comparing to the main text.
  • 4. After taking care of text – format your images: add cursory effects and a little sheen. Don’t forget about animation and indicate transition duration.
  • 5. Adding some audio to your slides is a great idea as it helps maintaining attention of the audience. Find Insert tab and choose Audio. Add one simply by browsing your computer.

After creating few presentations by yourself you will be a proficient PowerPoint user.