NVIDIA Introduces Next-Gen Mobile Processor

American company NVIDIA presented next generation mobile processor at the international exhibition of electronics CES-2015. The major feature of new NVIDIA Tegra X1 is that it uses the same micro-architecture GPU, which is engaged in a full-fledged graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980.

NVIDIA Tegra X1 consists of eight-64-bit processor cores and 256 GPU, which ultimately, according to the company, allows to achieve a power of 1 teraflops.

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According to the manufacturer, Tegra X1 has more power than the ASCI Red super computer 15 years ago,which at one time was the very first computer system to provide power to 1 teraflops. Established in Sandia National Laboratories US Department of Energy, ASCI Red occupied an area of 149 square meters and has consumed 500,000 watts of power. The additional 500,000 watts of energy used to cool the room, whichwas installed this computer. For comparison: Tegra X1 has a size slightly larger thumbnail and consumesless than 10 watts of power.

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The new mobile processor NVIDIA Tegra X1 will be used in automotive on-board computers Nvidia Drive PX. Familiarize yourself with some of the technical characteristics of the processor can be as follows:

     256 graphics cores Maxwell;

     8 core CPU (4 x ARM Cortex A57 + 4 x ARM Cortex A53);

     Support for 4K video resolution at 60 frames per second (codec support H.265, H.264, VP9);

     Support for cameras with a resolution of up to 1.3 Gigapixel;

     20 nm process technology.

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